pilates and wellbeing retreats

As well as teaching Pilates classes, it became clear to me that we all need some very much needed me time in this fast paced world we live in, and that self care is so important for our mental and physical wellbeing. 

The idea of running pilates retreats started when I had been looking for a retreat to go on myself. I had been searching for a retreat that brought together different fitness genres and one that would feed my mind as well as working my body. Basically I wanted a holiday with a health angle to it but without ending up on a boot camp being dragged out of bed by my ankles every morning!! Frustrated that I couldn’t find anything that fit the idea I had in my head I decided to start my own retreat- bringing like minded women together to have some fun! 

Our Pilates and Wellbeing retreats are an opportunity for a well-deserved rest from the stresses of daily life, as well as an opportunity to explore ourselves through Pilates, movement, Yoga and complementary therapies.

Our retreats are full of laughter from morning to night (laughter is the best medicine after all!) sharing our journeys and support each other along the way. What started out as a predomintly ladies group has also evolved into couples (the HABs -husbands and boyfriends realised they were missing out on a good thing and we are thrilled to welcome partners along too! Please see our upcoming Turkey retreat for further info on couples pilates retreats) 

These beautiful islands are an ideal choice for the more reflective kind of holiday where you can unwind, be at peace and get in touch with your inner self. 

Please explore the links below for further information.I

looking forward to hearing from you!

Vanessa xx


After many years of Pilates with Vanessa, I went on my first Retreat.

We arrived at a beautiful Villa, our home for a week…gorgeous food…and outdoor Pilates in quiet and calming surroundings … Vanessa at her best, a fantastic teacher; what’s not to love.

The food was Vegan and completely wonderful – taste and presentation. Dinner was the time of day everyone got excited, sharing stories and having a good laugh.

Amazing really how a bunch of strangers can find common ground that easily – clever Vanessa!

All other activities during the day were well scheduled, with some serious treats….like the best massage EVER.
Lounging around the pool, taking walks, visiting the beach – with much on offer – and shopping, if that’s what we wanted.

I got home feeling inspired and happy and can’t wait for my next Retreat (maybe some of the “old” gang will be there too).
A real Treat – THANK YOU Vanessa.